What to do after a cycling accident

Wiggle Legal recognises that sometimes things go wrong. Cycling accidents cause injury to the rider and damage to the bike. When that happens, Wiggle Legal are here to provide cyclists with free advice for cycling accident claims and provide a full accident management service to help you pursue compensation for your injuries, your bike and your accessory damage.

Our straightforward guide should help cyclists to understand what they should do in the event of a cycling accident.

  1. Identify who caused the incident  
    Collect names and addresses and if relevant car registration details as well as the colour or make. If it’s a HGV or other large vehicle get a note of the livery and a description of the driver.
  2. Witnesses
    Obtain names, addresses or phone numbers as soon as possible.
  3. Photographs & Video
    Take pictures of vehicles in position or any pot holes if they caused the accident. Photos of potholes should clearly show their length, depth and width. Try and reference the exact location by road signs or other fixed landmarks. Plus, if you have a head cam or vehicles involved have dash cams try and get details so the footage can be traced. Always keep your footage.
  4. Police
    If there’s an injury or damage to the bike, always report the matter to the police straight away or within 24 hours.
  5. Insurance
    If another vehicle is involved ask the driver for insurance details but never get involved in discussing the accident with them or accept any financial offer from them until you have taken legal advice. Beware, some motor insurance companies may try to make contact with you to make an early settlement with a low offer. You should not accept any offer until you have obtained free legal advice from Wiggle Legal.
  6. Property
    Keep damaged items for inspection. Take photographs of damaged items and try and provide receipts for the purchase. List all the damaged items (what can you claim for?) and keep details of your out of pocket expenses. Remember if you hit your head your helmet should always be replaced.
  7. Visit A&E or your GP
    It is recommended that you should always seek medical advice, even for minor injuries. Visit your GP, walk in centre or A&E department for professional advice and to evidence your injury. If you are injured, Wiggle Legal are often able to help with rehab and physiotherapy so call us first.
  8. Call Wiggle Legal for free advice on 01252 912295 or claim online
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