Because it’s your right and you’re entirely justified in doing so.

Common law says that if, due to negligence, somebody causes damage to you or your property then they should pay compensation. And that compensation should restore your situation to how it was before the incident or accident happened. Wiggle Legal will help you get the compensation you're owed in the event of a cycling accident.

It all adds up

It's not just damage or injury you should claim for. If you need to take time off work, you miss out on a holiday or even need to take a taxi for a bit, we can help you to cover any unexpected costs.

What can I claim for?

Whatever it takes to get you back on your bike. If you suffer loss or injury due to a third party it's their obligation to compensate you to a level that puts you back to where you were before the incident or accident occurred. Accidents often result in the loss of bikes, equipment, earnings due to time off work, the ability to go about our normal lives or worse.


Hit and run? No driver details?

We can help you even if you don’t have all the details of the driver or vehicle involved in a hit and run. Just tell us what you know and we’ll take it from there.

How to make a claim

What can I claim for?


Compensation for pain, suffering and loss of amenity if injured

Damages (or 'Solatium’ as they are know in Scotland) are the legal terms used for the compensation awarded by the court to compensate for an injury when the fault lies with someone else. Damages are different to the compensation of losses, which might include reimbursement for lost wages or damaged equipment.

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Below are losses that are commonly claimed for:
Treatment costs – physio, dental etc
Broken Bike
Bike hire
Clothing and personal effects
Helmet if it hits the ground
Mobile phone, laptop, iPad etc.
Bike computer
Headcam (please keep any useful footage of the incident)
Loss of entry fees to a planned event
Travel costs – so bus, train, Oyster Card – if you can’t ride to work due to injury
Car parking / taxis if you need to go to hospital
Lost earnings, including overtime and bonuses
Piggy Bank
Loss of pension if employer doesn’tpay you while off work
Loss of congenial employment – for example if you can no longer pursue your chosen employment due to injury
Loss of holiday (if you can’t go on a planned one)
What is Involved?
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